An Adorable Bunch of Maine Coon Kittens Arrived Sporting Expressions of Grumpiness

Maine Coons, the largest domestic breed of cats, are gaining attention on social media for their unique and almost human-like facial features. These majestic creatures can grow as long as 40 inches and come in a variety of color combinations, with up to 75 different variations. It is believed that Maine Coons may have descended from Norwegian Forest cats and migrated to the United States with the Vikings. Recently, a cattery shared pictures of a litter of grey Maine Coons, and people quickly noticed their resemblance to grumpy old men. Despite looking very similar, the kittens are undeniably adorable. This is not the first time Maine Coons have caught viral attention on social media. Last year, a 2-month-old Maine Coon named Valkyrie became famous for his human-like face. The unique facial features of Maine Coons have been compared to the live-action Beast from "Beauty and the Beast." These cats are truly captivating and continue to delight people with their distinct appearances.

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