Cat Walks into Crate Ready to Move Indoors So Her Three Kittens Can Have What She Can't Provide

A Montreal-based animal rescuer came across a pregnant and hungry young cat in a lady's backyard while helping community cats. The cat walked right into a crate the rescuer had set out, seemingly ready to leave the streets for a safe place.

Named Bellatrix, the cat was taken in by Celine of ChatonsOrphelinsMontreal. Bellatrix settled into a comfortable nursery at a foster home, eagerly seeking affection and responding with purrs and belly rubs.

Shortly after her arrival, Bellatrix gave birth to three healthy gray kittens within two hours. However, it became apparent that she had no milk to feed them. The foster carer quickly stepped in, bottle-feeding the kittens around the clock while Bellatrix cared for them in other ways.

During the critical first few days, the kittens relied on the volunteers' constant care and feeding. Slowly, Bellatrix's milk production increased, allowing the kittens to nurse from their mother while also receiving supplementation. They thrived, gaining weight and energy.

As weeks passed, the trio reached various milestones and grew rapidly. When they were weaned, they became mischievous bundles of energy, enjoying playful antics and exploring their surroundings.

The kittens, named Lunard, Patmol, and Cornedrue, each developed their unique personalities. Lunard was the smallest and most curious, closely observing human activities. Patmol was the most playful, finding amusement in anything he could turn into a toy. Cornedrue was the most laid-back, often snuggling up as close as possible during naps.

Bellatrix has retired from motherhood and now spends her time doing what she loves—snuggling with her humans and embracing her inner kitten. She will never have to endure another pregnancy or worry about food and shelter again. Knowing her kittens are in good hands, she purrs constantly, appreciating the love and care she receives.

This heartwarming story showcases the kindness of animal rescuers and their dedication to ensuring the well-being of both mother cats and their kittens. It emphasizes the importance of providing assistance and support to animals in need, ultimately giving them a chance to live better lives.

You can find more about this feline family and ChatonsOrphelinsMontreal on Instagram and Facebook.

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