Unveiling the 25th Anniversary: Dive into the Making of 'Pretty Woman' with Young Julia Roberts

The article celebrates the 25th anniversary of the beloved film 'Pretty Woman' by taking readers behind the scenes with a 21-year-old Julia Roberts. The main idea is to provide a glimpse into the making of the iconic movie and highlight Roberts' rise to stardom.

'Pretty Woman' became a timeless classic upon its release in 1990, capturing the hearts of millions worldwide. The film tells the story of a wealthy businessman, Edward Lewis, who hires a prostitute, Vivian Ward, to accompany him for a week of business events. As they spend time together, they develop a genuine connection and ultimately fall in love.

At the time of filming, Julia Roberts was just 21 years old and relatively unknown. However, her captivating performance as Vivian Ward would launch her into superstardom. The article provides an exclusive look into the behind-the-scenes moments that shaped the movie and Roberts' career.

The director, Garry Marshall, shares his first impression of Roberts, describing her as a "spitfire" with an undeniable charm. He recalls casting her after watching her audition video and being instantly captivated by her presence on screen.

Roberts herself reflects on her experience filming 'Pretty Woman,' admitting that she was initially intimidated by the extensive wardrobe and makeup requirements for the role. However, she quickly adapted and found comfort in the character she was portraying. Roberts also discusses the challenges of shooting some of the movie's iconic scenes, such as the famous shopping spree on Rodeo Drive.

The article delves into the importance of the chemistry between Roberts and her co-star, Richard Gere. The two actors had an undeniable connection on set, which translated beautifully onto the screen. Marshall praises their ability to make the audience believe in their love story, despite the unconventional circumstances of their characters' relationship.

Moreover, the piece sheds light on the critical acclaim and commercial success that 'Pretty Woman' received upon its release. The movie became a box office sensation, solidifying Roberts' status as a Hollywood powerhouse and earning her a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress.

To celebrate the film's 25th anniversary, Roberts and Gere reunited for an interview to reminisce about their time filming 'Pretty Woman.' The reunion serves as a bittersweet reminder of the enduring impact the movie has had on both their lives and the world of cinema.

In conclusion, the article offers readers a unique glimpse into the making of 'Pretty Woman' and the early days of Julia Roberts' career. It celebrates the film's 25th anniversary by highlighting its timeless appeal and the rise of Roberts as one of Hollywood's most beloved actresses.

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