Heartbroken Senior Dog, Brought To Shelter After Owner's Death, Cries Himself To Sleep Every Night

Scooter, a 12-year-old Chihuahua, had a happy, loving home until his owner passed away. After the sad turn of events, The Humane Society of Branch County took in Scooter. Luckily, The Humane Society of Branch County is a no-kill shelter in Quincy, Michigan.

According to the shelter's staff, Scooter had a hip injury, and being a senior dog could have negatively affected his chances of finding a new home.

Heartbreakingly, Scooter slept alone every night, crying himself to sleep. To increase his chances of getting adopted, the staff took a photo of the dog and shared it on their Facebook page.

Surprisingly, the photo went viral overnight, and an outpour of sympathy and interest toward Scooter flooded the shelter's Facebook page. Jessica Lynn Howard was among those interested.

Fortunately, Howard is a frequent adopter and has previously rescued other Chihuahuas from the shelter. When Howard saw the post, she felt so bad for Scooter, she even cried.

Right then and there, Howard and her husband, Tim Howard, decided to adopt Scooter. First thing in the morning, they drove to the shelter and took him home. When Scooter got to the Howards' home, the other dogs welcomed him as if they were long-lost friends.

Currently, Scooter shares his new home with five other dogs. In just a week, Scooter is already becoming comfortable with his new family. Today, he loves playing and napping with his new dog friends.

Also, Scooter is now more relaxed and goofy. Finally, he can sleep without crying.

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