Feta's Sleepy Week: Exploring the Coziest Nap Spots After a Long Outdoor Adventure

Feta the cat, who gained popularity during his time at the Black Cat Market in Pittsburgh, is sharing his new life with his many friends. Feta, with his adorable face, has been finding all the comfiest places to nap in his first week at home, according to his owner @sprinkle.of.feta. In addition, Feta has revealed that he is quite a chatty kitty, especially when he's hungry. His meowing has become one of his owner's favorite things about his personality.

Despite his love for napping, Feta sometimes gets interrupted by his owner, as seen in the face he makes when woken up from a good nap. However, Feta seems to have a playful relationship with his owner, as they both win in the end. On another occasion, Feta was caught napping on the job, showing his ability to find cozy spots wherever he goes.

Feta's napping habits have even led to comparisons with a fluffy chameleon because of his new favorite nap spot. His incredible ability to blend in with his surroundings seems to have captured the attention of his owner, @sprinkle.of.feta. Despite his silent moments, Feta is not afraid to investigate mysterious sounds, as seen when he joins his owner in the kitchen to uncover the crunch-crunch sound.

In an amusing turn of events, a cat-proof kibble container had to be purchased after Feta's attempt to access his food supply. @sprinkle.of.feta admitted to making a rookie mistake but has since rectified the situation. Feta's sleepy days are made even better when he matches his blanket with his toe beans, making his naps 300% more effective.

Feta the cat also embarks on noble quests, such as searching for turkey sausage, though it is unclear whether he succeeds in this endeavor. In a humorous moment, Feta accidentally opens the camera in selfie-mode, showcasing his surprise.

His love for food is evident when he questions his empty food bowl, translating his meows to "Why is my food bowl empty???" In addition, Feta shares the sentiment of dreaming about warmer weather and ice cream cones, just like any other person.

Feta also takes pride in keeping his ninja skills sharp, especially during the early hours of the morning. Lastly, Feta recently returned home from a teeth-cleaning appointment and is excited to get back to eating. His owner, @sprinkle.of.feta, expresses gratitude to the staff at Petvet365 Fox Chapel for taking good care of him during his visit.

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