Welcoming Mama Stella and her Anxious Quintet: Dew, Mist, Foggarty, Raven – Tiny but Tenacious!

Stella, a nervous mama cat, and her four black and white kittens Dew, Mist, Foggarty, and Raven, have recently been taken in by a foster parent named nxxbliss. The kittens are estimated to be around four weeks old but weigh less than they should due to cat flu. nxxbliss is medicating them and applying eye cream twice daily in hopes of improving their health and appetite.

Stella initially spent her time hiding under the cupboards but has since started to settle in. Although she doesn't feel well and isn't spending much time with her kittens, nxxbliss hopes that she will become more comfortable over the weekend. Despite her nerves, Stella is a cuddly cat and doesn't mind nxxbliss handling and medicating her kittens. She likes to watch them play and eat from a spot where she can still see them.

The kittens are starting to recover from their illness and are beginning to act like normal kitties again. Their eyes are looking better, and nxxbliss hopes to see their personalities shine through as they continue to improve.

In preparation for a vet appointment, the kittens are full of energy and ready for the weekend. Some of them still have a bit of a sniffle, but overall they are eating well and full of energy. The vet will assess their progress and determine if further medication is necessary.

Mist, one of the kittens, is a complete cuddle bug and rushes over for attention. He falls over for cuddles as soon as he is touched and is gaining weight well. Although his white fur gets stained while eating, nxxbliss is confident it will fade once he learns to eat without burying his face.

The kittens enjoy snuggling together, although they usually jump up to say hello whenever nxxbliss enters the room. They have recently been given more room to bounce around and a scratcher to play with. However, they kept falling into their water bowl and rolling the scratcher over each other, so nxxbliss replaced it with something more stable.

Stella and her kittens are often seen cuddling and washing each other. Stella is a bit nervous and still building trust with nxxbliss but is starting to relax and enjoy playtime. Nxxbliss hopes that with time and more interactions, Stella will gain more confidence.

The kittens are adjusting to a new food and experiencing a slight decrease in weight gain. Once their systems get used to the change, nxxbliss believes they will bounce back.

Foggarty, the biggest kitten, is also the most nervous. He tends to hang back and let his brothers explore new things first. However, he is a sweet and cuddly cat, and his cautious nature isn't always a bad thing.

Nxxbliss occasionally struggles to find all four kittens curled up together, as they tend to jump up and play whenever someone approaches. However, they were caught in a lazy mood recently. Dew and Foggarty stayed put long enough for a photo, and Mist and Foggarty were seen washing Raven after his meal.

Overall, Stella and her kittens are slowly recovering and adjusting to their new surroundings. Nxxbliss is providing them with care and attention, and hopes that they will soon find their forever homes.

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