Luke Bryan's wife doesn't 'put handcuffs' on his 'hip-shaking' moves: 'It would've been a little problematic'

Luke Bryan's wife, Caroline Boyer, fully supports his energetic dance moves during concerts. In a recent interview with People Magazine, the "Country Girl (Shake It for Me)" singer joked about the importance of his dance moves, stating that it would have been problematic if Boyer had shut down his hip-shaking. Fortunately, Boyer embraces his self-expression on stage and understands that his audience comes to see him let loose and have a good time. She has never restricted or handcuffed his performances. Apart from his dance moves, Bryan is also known for showing his emotions as a judge on "American Idol."

Despite facing criticism for his emotional displays on the show, Bryan is comfortable with expressing his feelings and doesn't mind the negative attention. He stated that he did not set out to put on a tough-country-guy act but rather to genuinely connect with the emotion of the show. While he acknowledged that not everything he says will resonate perfectly with everyone, he emphasized that he, along with fellow judges Lionel Richie and Katy Perry, approaches the show with love and compassion.

Bryan also highlighted the lasting friendships he has developed with Perry and Richie. He mentioned that they would always stand up for each other if they faced any backlash for their behavior on the show. He emphasized that their actions are genuine and not premeditated or planned. They believe in the importance of expressing emotions and going off-script. Specifically addressing Perry's experience with negative comments, Bryan referred to her "mom-shaming" scandal with contestant Sara Beth Liebe.

During Liebe's audition, Perry made a comment about her looking like a teenager, which received attention and backlash. Bryan defended Perry, stating that she gets unfairly criticized for enjoying herself and having fun while making the TV show. Bryan acknowledged that as judges, they often fall on the sword and face vocal criticism on social media. However, he believes that they are set up in such situations and that people tend to be overly vocal online. In conclusion, Luke Bryan's wife supports his energetic dance moves during concerts, and Bryan is comfortable expressing his emotions on "American Idol."

He values the friendships he has formed with his fellow judges and defends them against backlash. Bryan emphasizes the importance of genuine emotions and believes they are sometimes set up to face criticism.

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