Cat with 6 Kittens Moves into Home Environment after 10 Days in Shelter, Her Demeanor Completely Changes

A cat named Daisy, who is a tabby, had a challenging couple of weeks. She was rescued and gave birth to a large litter of kittens. She spent 10 days at a shelter, trying to protect her babies. Daisy was under a lot of stress and wouldn't allow anyone near her kittens. She displayed aggressive behavior at the shelter and was in desperate need of help. She even stopped eating and her week-old kittens stopped gaining weight. Fortunately, a foster home offered to take in Daisy and her kittens. When Daisy arrived at the foster home and stepped out of her carrier, she immediately began to relax. It was as if a weight had been lifted off of her. She was happy with the living arrangements and seemed content.

Daisy explored her new surroundings and then settled down to take care of her kittens. She became receptive to petting and showed signs of contentment. It turned out that Daisy was actually a sweet cat who liked people. She was just stressed and scared about protecting her newborns. Now that she was in a calm environment, she allowed the fosters to handle the kittens without any issues. Daisy was relieved to have some much-needed assistance and to be able to take a break for herself. Feeding six hungry mouths was not an easy task for Daisy. She was a bit skinny upon arrival, so the foster volunteers started supplementing the kittens' food to help ease the burden on the mother. When Daisy fell ill one evening, the volunteers quickly took action. Despite feeling unwell, Daisy continued to feed her babies. She was very thin, as all her nutrients were being directed towards the kittens. The kittens were bottle-fed for a few days to give Daisy time to recover.

Daisy was given fluids and medication and gradually improved. Once Daisy regained her appetite and strength, she resumed her duties as a mother. The kittens happily swarmed around her while she cleaned their faces. They quickly returned to her belly, nursing and napping in pure bliss. The kittens are growing rapidly and becoming more adventurous and curious. They keep Daisy on her toes and cry for her attention whenever they want to be catered to. One of the kittens, Cloud, chose to stay in a comfortable bed, while the rest followed their mom to a corner of the room and cuddled up together. Thanks to the help of many volunteers, Daisy and her kittens are thriving in their foster home. Daisy continues to be an excellent mother, ensuring her kittens are well-fed and clean. Share this heartwarming story with your friends. 

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