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Adventurous Cat Insists on Going Everywhere with Dad, Greets Strangers with Friendly Chirp

Meet George! He’s a stunning 2-year-old bengal cat in Austin, Texas.

George isn’t just handsome; don’t be fooled by his striking good looks.

He’s got it all: beauty, brains, and athleticism!

George’s dad, David, tells us all about his sweet boy in the story below.

Sweet Beginnings

I’ll never forget the day I met George.

He was given to me in the parking lot of a pizza place in Indiana.

It was very cold outside, so I tucked him into my coat and started walking towards my car.

George wasn’t scared at all.

Even though we’d just met, he trusted me and immediately started purring.

I brought him to his new forever home and the rest is history!

Why did you name him George?

For a long time, the only people I knew named George were elderly men at the church I went to.

Then I met a 3-year-old boy named George and thought it was a cute, yet distinguished name for a little man.

I followed suit and named my own little guy George!

Curious George

It’s been two years and George still has the friendly, outgoing personality he had as a kitten.

He’s very curious and wants to investigate anything he can get his paws on.

 are very energetic and adventurous, so I’ve done a lot to make sure George has an active lifestyle.

He has a giant cat wheel (similar to a hamster wheel) where he’ll run marathons.

George is also trained to walk with a leash and harness.

In fact, he barely needed any training at all. He’s a natural!

He was born ready to be an adventure cat.

He likes to join me on walks, whether it be to the park or a brief trip downstairs to greet the front desk staff at my apartment.

Austin is a very dog-friendly city, so it’s common to see dogs at coffee shops and restaurants.

I figured George should join the fun, so now he tags along when I make a coffee run!

George has never met a stranger– he isn’t shy in the slightest.

He welcomes new experiences and takes every opportunity to explore!

He’s very well behaved and enjoys interacting with new people and dogs.

The Best Big Brother

When George isn’t exploring, he likes to curl up in my lap and snuggle.

George is my shadow. Wherever I go, George follows.

In fact, if you walk by him without stopping to say hello, he’ll swat your legs demanding attention.

I adopted another cat, Winston, who George has been an excellent big brother to.

Winston is more timid, so George took Winston under his wing and showed him the ropes.

George, being the selfless and amazing big brother he is, stands back and lets Winston have fun playing with his favorite toys.

They love to get cozy on a soft blanket and sunbathe by the window.

When they’re not snuggling or grooming each other, they’re tumbling around and wrestling.

They say opposites attract, and that’s definitely the case for George and Winston.

They’re very different, but their personalities complement each other well.

Each of their personalities is unique, with their own cute quirks and habits.

They’re like yin and yang.

They balance each other perfectly!

George to The Rescue

George is very perceptive and can tell when I’m feeling stressed.

I adopted George after starting my company, , and George has played a big role in helping me manage my stress.

He’s always there to provide emotional support and has a very calming presence.

He never fails to make me laugh and provides comedic relief when I need it the most.

It’s impossible to feel alone with two rowdy cats tumbling across the room and onto my lap.

The three of us are a family.

We’ve been through a lot together, both good and bad.

I’m not sure what the next chapter of life looks like, but I do know George and Winston will be right by side.

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