Cat Comes to the Right Home for Food and Ends Up Being Adopted by the Couple Who Has Her Brother

About three months ago, a hungry cat named Lottie began showing up at Allison Ilcken's home. After several days of leaving food out for her, they decided to bring her to safety by setting up a humane trap.

At first, Lottie was terrified and fearful, hissing and swatting in defense. But with time, treats, and reassurance, she started to relax and accept affection. After being spayed, she became remarkably affectionate.

Allison and her family noticed that Lottie resembled a previous foster kitten named Berlioz, who had been rescued from the same neighborhood six months earlier. They suspected that Lottie might be Berlioz's long-lost sister due to their similar age and coat type.

After confirming Lottie's age with a vet, Allison and her family decided to adopt her so that she could be reunited with her brother. Lottie, now named Bellatrix, arrived at her new home initially nervous but gradually started interacting with her new parents. She even bonded with Berlioz, who was renamed Professor.

Bellatrix spent the first few days in her security cave bed but soon came out of her shell. She played with toys, sought attention from her humans, and tried to engage Professor in play. Although Professor was hesitant at first, he eventually warmed up to Bellatrix's friendly nature.

Every day, Bellatrix would show Professor how to play and they became inseparable. They zoomed around the house together, chasing each other, and when they tired themselves out, Bellatrix snuggled up to her brother with love.

After spending months apart, Bellatrix and Professor are now back together and closer than ever, enjoying the joyous bond of siblinghood.

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