Farmer Found 4 Orphaned 'Kittens' in His Barn Only to Find Out They Aren't Ordinary House Cats.......

A farmer from Russia spotted a litter of orphaned kittens that were in desperate need of help. Their mother was nowhere to be found and never returned.

The farmer couldn't leave the kittens out fending for themselves, so they scooped them up to safety and called for help.

The little kittens whose eyes were still shut didn't look like any other cats that the farmer had ever seen. He contacted the and the animal rescuers quickly noticed that the kittens weren't any domestic house cats.

Turns out, they were known as Palla's cats or Manuls, a small wild cat that is native to Central Asia. The Palla's cat is a very rare wild feline that can grow to about 60 cm long and weigh about six pounds.

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