3-Legged Dog Missing for 246 Days Is Back Home in Iowa City Thanks to Local Animal Rescue Group

It's heartwarming to hear that Kinnick, the three-legged dog, has been found after being missing for an incredible 246 days in Iowa City, Iowa. Paws of Hope Animal Rescue had been tirelessly searching for the pooch since he disappeared during a walk with his owner two weeks after being adopted from the rescue. Despite sightings of him at food bowls set outside for other animals and their attempts to catch him with live traps filled with dog food and steak, Kinnick continued to elude the rescue team. The rescue believes that his evasiveness was due to his traumatic past as a bait dog in dog fights. After eight months of trying, the rescue finally learned enough about Kinnick's routine to track him down and bring him home. His owner expressed her gratitude towards Paws of Hope Animal Rescue for their selfless efforts in reuniting them.