Sully’s Mountain Adventures: A Special Mobility Device for a Beloved Pooch. Check Out What it Looks Like!

Golden Retriever Sully used to accompany his owner everywhere, exploring hiking trails in Yoho National Park and the Kananaskis Valley together.

However, at 14 years old, long walks became too challenging for Sully. Plus, he was recently diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis, making breathing increasingly difficult.

But Sully’s owner, Canadian Donny Marchuk, didn’t want his faithful companion to spend his senior years indoors. Sully always insisted on joining him outdoors.

To ensure Sully could still enjoy their adventures, Donny devised a special mode of transportation. He modified a regular baby carriage, adding attachments for skis and snowshoes. This customized stroller allows Sully to accompany Donny on various terrains, including snow and ice, and tackle slopes.

Passers-by often stop to ask Donny questions or pet Sully, bringing joy to the pup. Donny sees this stroller as the least he can do to repay Sully for years of loyalty and love.

Sully’s presence has helped Donny through difficult times, and the Canadian plans to continue their adventures for as long as Sully enjoys them.

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