AMAZING ANIMAL BONDS! Time-lapse Shows A Year in the Happy Life of a Wild Boar Raised by A Yellow Lab

You may have seen a couple of unlikely animal friendships and even stories where an animal would act like a real parent of another animal but from a different species.

These are no longer common to some of us and yet, we are still mesmerized whenever we see one, aren’t we?

Wild boars

Wild boars are the largest of the wild pigs and are native to forests ranging from western and northern Europe and North Africa to India, the Andaman Islands, and China.

The most notable characteristics of wild boars are their agility, good swimmers, nocturnal, and omnivorous. Although their diet consists mostly of roots, fallen fruit, nuts, and acorns, they also eat small animals and carrion.

Wild boars can be easily distinguished from regular pigs. They have sharp tusks, dark or brown in color, they are bristly-haired and grizzled.

Although they are normally tamed, they could still impose threats and danger to anyone.

How it started

Dora Ngai who was originally from China was based in Sri Lanka. She thought she already have everything that she needed in life including her furry home companions, hound dogs Benjamin and Ginger, and Biu Biu, her yellow Labrador,

One day, her gardener saw a tiny baby boar that was just about a few weeks old. He tried looking for the baby boar’s mother but ended up empty-handed.

Knowing that Ngai is an animal lover, he thought of bringing the baby boar to her hoping that she would take it in just like the rest of her pets.

To no surprise, Ngai took the baby boar into her house and named her “Yezhu,” (Yay-zhoo) which means wild boar in Chinese. Her non-Chinese-speaking friends loved the name as much as she do.

“I had no idea taking care of her would be this tiring,” she explained on YouTube. “Every hour she would wake up and start crying for food. Everyone in the house started taking turns to feed her, including our Biu Biu. He’s always waiting there to clean her up.”

Breaking boundaries

Yezhu was like a missing puzzle in their lives. She fitted in perfectly and made a great companion to the rest of the “gang.”

But if there’s someone in the household to whom Yezhu should be most thankful, it’s Biu Biu, for acting like her biological father.

Ngai even made a montage showing how the once a baby wild boar transformed into an enormous home companion under the care of his adorable furry dad.

From the day when Yezhu and Biu Biu first met, to their first swimming session, times when they napped and snuggled together, ate together, and played together.

They’re inseparable, not even Ngai or the other dogs could come between them.

The video went viral and as of this writing, it already has more than 3.8 million views in just a few weeks after being shared by The Dodo on their YouTube channel.

In fact, one viewer shared something about animals that we should learn as humans.

“They both look so happy!! The best part about animals, is they don’t care what breed, species, etc. the other is.. if they grow up together, they’re family. And they have nothing but unconditional love for each other. Humans could learn a lot from them.”

Do you agree with that comment?

Don’t forget to watch the video below.

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