So Cute! Mix Chi’s Hilarious Reaction to Not Getting Treats Goes Viral

A viral post on Reddit's r/WhatsWrongWithYourDog subreddit has captured the internet's attention this week. The post features Parker, a Chihuahua and Beagle mix, and his hilarious Reaction when he doesn't receive treats. With over 25,000 upvotes, the internet has been left in stitches.

Meet Parker: The Dramatic Dog with a Big Personality

Parker, named after Spider-Man's Peter Parker, resides with the Buckner family in San Diego, California. According to owner Jeffery Buckner, Parker is a very dramatic dog with a lot of personality. Whenever his wife leaves for work, Parker will sit and stare at the door for about an hour before finding his spot on the couch or near Jeffery's desk.

The Adoption Story: Finding Parker, the Perfect Companion

The Buckner family adopted Parker in August 2019. They already had a dog named Loki, who was found as a stray when he was just six months old. Wanting to provide Loki with a friend, the family took advantage of a no-fee adoption day at a local shelter. Among the energetic and young puppies, one older dog caught their attention. This calm and composed dog, listed as "Yankee" on the nameplate, stood out to both Jeffery and his wife. Despite having no potential owners on the waitlist due to being six years old and having a heart murmur, Parker became the chosen one.

An Unexpected Adventure: Parker's Great Escape

On the day Jeffery went to bring Parker home, a small travel crate in tow, a mishap occurred. Startled by something, Parker managed to free himself from the collar put on him by the vet and ran off. Jeffery embarked on a two-hour search, desperately trying to find his new furry friend. Thankfully, word came that Parker had been caught and was safely back at the vet, albeit dehydrated.

Parker's Quirks and Expressions: A Treat-Loving Character

Described as a very good and intelligent dog, Parker quickly learned that going outside meant treats. Even when he doesn't need to go to the bathroom, he will ask to go outside, expecting treats every time. If the treats are not given, he sulks, particularly when Jeffery is present. He will yip, whine, playfully growl, and beg if his wife is the one who took him out.

The Hilarious Picture that Amused the Internet

In the picture that has captured the internet's attention, Parker's upset face is visible as he returns indoors after a trip outside without receiving any treats. Covered by a gray blanket, his expressive and hilarious reaction has resonated with viewers, resulting in numerous humorous comments and reactions.

Parker's Loving and Sociable Nature

Jeffery confirms that Parker is very affectionate towards everyone, including strangers. Whenever repair people or unfamiliar individuals visit their house, Parker greets them and follows them around, seeking pets and food. While he primarily snuggles with Jeffery's wife, he will come over to Jeffery if she wakes up before him or when she is outside.

In summary, Parker's funny and hilarious Reaction have captured the hearts of internet users. Despite his disappointment when not receiving treats, Parker's lovable nature and unique personality bring joy and laughter to the Buckner family's home.

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