Blind Senior Cat Rejected for Entire Life, Travels 1300 Miles Bouncing Between Homes!

Meet our Meow Mail sponsored cat of the month, Griffin!

This sweet boy is a big mystery.

"He was recently dumped in someone's backyard because they were tired of dealing with him," said Sarah Richardson, a critical care cat rescuer for Community Cats of Central Arkansas.

Little did Sarah know, Griffin wasn't any ordinary cat.

An Unusual DiscoveryGriffin was originally sold by a breeder in Arizona, but somehow eded up in an animal shelter in a small town in Arkansas.

They were going to euthanize the remaining cats and poor Griffin was no exception.

He was blind and estimated to be roughly 15 years old.

Upon hearing that Griffin's time was running out, a local woman adopted him to prevent the blind senior cat from being euthanized.

However, she wasn't prepared for what happened next.

Calling for BackupThe woman had no idea that Griffin was a Savannah cat, a crossbreed between an African serval and domestic cat.

Much like their ancestors, these big cats have a strong hunting instincts and high energy demands.

Because of Griffin's unmet need for vigorous activity, he was very destructive while living indoors.

After two weeks of Griffin living indoors, the woman resorted to keeping him in her backyard.

Griffin became severely dehydrated and sick in the hot temperatures, leaving the woman no choice but to surrender him to Community Cats of Central Arkansas.

Upon hearing of the news, Sarah sent a picture of Griffin to her vet who immediately identified him as a Savannah cat.

Sarah was shocked by what she discovered when she drove to the woman's house to retrieve him.

"He'd withered away to skin and bones. It was horrible," Sarah recalled.

Healthy Savannah cats should be 20-25 pounds, but Griffin weighed a mere 7 pounds in his fragile state.

"He was 15 pounds underweight. Pictures don't do it justice," said Sarah.

Sarah also discovered he was microchipped and decided to do some investigating.

She was shocked to find out that Griffin was originally sold by a breeder in Arizona.

How did an expensive 15 year old exotic cat from Arizona end up on the brink of death in rural Arkansas?

Mystery SolvedAfter making more calls from his microchip records, she finally solved Griffin's mystery.

Griffin had bounced between 5 different homes before winding up in her care.

None of his previous owners wanted him back or seemed to care what happened to him.

Instead of spending his life with a loving forever family, he'd been dragged 1,300 miles in 15 years only to be rejected over and over again.

Now he has double cataracts, early stage kidney failure, and a horrible UTI.

Sarah wasted no time getting him antibiotics and IV fluids.

He'll need to be on a special treatment plan and diet in order to get stabilized.

Despite his condition, Griffin has a strong will to live. He's a fighter!

"He's made it this far and we're going to make sure he spends his golden years being loved and cared for," said Sarah.

After all he's been through, Griffin deserves a true forever family that loves him unconditionally.

Happily Ever AfterAfter spending most of his life bouncing between shelters and homes that rejected him, sweet Griffin has finally found peace in a safe place he can call home. 

Since Griffin will need specialized care for the rest of his life, the veterinarian treating him offered to be his forever family.

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