Pair Of Abandoned Pups Refuse To Leave Each Other's Side While Waiting For Help!

Two dogs, a pit bull and a Yorkie-mix, were found abandoned on a street corner in Southern California. A Good Samaritan contacted Logan's Legacy dog rescue for help and reported that the dogs were inseparable. The founder of the rescue, Suzette Hall, found the pups snuggled together. The dogs were heartbroken and clinging together for comfort, but as Hall approached them, they were excited to see her.

The tinier pup approached Hall, and the pit bull followed, wanting to be with her best friend. The two dogs were ecstatic to be reunited and refused to be apart, even in the car. They received side-by-side checkups at the vet and are currently looking for a loving foster family or adoptive home. They are hoping to stay together forever as Thelma and Louise.

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