Big Bang Theory's Mayim drops bombshell about Leonard and Penny's wedding: 'I didn't play'.......

Throughout the  series, Big Bang's Amy Farrah Fowler became well-known among her cohorts for her harp-playing skills.

Answering the web's most searched questions, Bialik was asked: "Can Mayim Bialik really play the harp?"

The Big Bang star revealed: "I learned to play the harp for The Big Bang Theory.

"I'm a piano player, a bass player and a trumpet player.

"I did learn to play the harp rudimentarally," she added, before dropping the bombshell about her onscreen pals' big day.

"For the episode where Leonard and Penny get married," she told Wired. "That is not me playing the harp."

Bialik divulged further: "They wanted like an elaborate fancy thing,

"And I do not play well enough for that. I play well enough to play Everybody Hurts by REM."

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