Stray Cat Tony is So Pleased to Have His Own Blanket — Catcuddles London Cat Sanctuary

Long term stray Tony arrived with us just a week ago. It had taken time for a wonderful, kind-hearted member of the public time to gain his trust to be able to stroke him, and more recently get him into a carrier and to our Clinic. Unneutered and in need of a dental extraction, Tony is in otherwise good health and after seeing our Vet is now enjoying life in a garden suite in our Abbey Wood rehoming hub.

Tony is very much enjoying the comforts of somewhere warm and dry, with regular meals brought to him. He loves to spend time inside of his garden suite but he has an open catflap to come out to his run and watch the comings and goings of wildlife and the resident cats as he wishes.

Today we gave Tony a blanket. At first, he was frightened of it and hissed at it, but after sniffing it tentatively he finally recognised what it was, and then spent a long time kneading, digging, and arranging it, before nestling into it and going to sleep, purring. For this battered, stray Tom this is a blanket of his own - possibly the first he has laid his head on for years, after an untold amount of time spent sleeping on the streets. Tony is a joy and very tolerant of human company so despite lockdown 2.0 we don’t expect him to be with us for very long.

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