7 Ways to Know if Your Chihuahua Bonded to You

1. The Chihuahua Readily Makes Eye Contact:Eye contact=sign of trust and love.

2. The Chihuahua Checks in On Walks and in New Environments:Bonded dogs look at owners frequently.

3. Their Body Language is Calm and Relaxed:Relaxed their trust, show affection through body language.

4. The Chihuauha Carries your Shoes Around:They love owner's scent, may chew. Invest in cleanup tools.

5. They Listen when You Speak and Come When You Call:Responsive dog=strong bond. Train obedience, make recall fun!

6. The Chihuahua Seeks Physical Affection:Dogs bond through affection, spend daily time together.

7. Ways to Improve the Bond: Daily 30min focused active time.

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