Stray Cat Recovers, Surprises Rescuers With Fluffy Coat & Stunning Eyes

When poor Cotton was found wandering the streets of Royal Palm Beach, Florida, he was a pitiful sight. The mangy cat with inflamed eyes looked helpless and in need of urgent care. It was Joe, a kind-hearted man, who first spotted the sickly stray. He was outside setting down a plate of food for his own terminally ill cat when Cotton appeared out of nowhere and devoured the meal hungrily. Seeing the condition of the cat, Joe knew he couldn't take in another pet but felt compelled to help.

Despite his concerns, Joe took to Facebook to see if he could find someone willing to take in Cotton. He posted a photo and described the cat's severe mange, hoping to find a rescuer or shelter that could provide the care he desperately needed. Fortunately, Carmen Morales Weinberg, who had experience with mange cats, was tagged in the post by a friend and immediately offered her assistance.

Unable to pick up Cotton until the following morning, Joe coaxed the stray into a carrier, ensuring his safety for the night. The next day, Carmen arrived to retrieve Cotton and take him to the veterinarian. The diagnosis was worse than expected – not only did Cotton have severe mange, but he was also dehydrated, anemic, and underweight. The scabby skin and swollen eyes mirrored the suffering he had endured. However, what astonished them was how affectionate the cat became as soon as he realized he was safe. He even purred during the vet examination, a heartwarming display of gratitude.

Weinberg took Cotton home to foster him, quarantining him in a room to prevent the spread of any potential diseases. The road to recovery began with treatments of Ivermectin, antibiotics, eye ointment, and fluids. He was fed small, frequent meals throughout the day, and his sores were massaged with soothing coconut oil. Slowly, Cotton's once patchy coat began to fill in with soft, white fur. And when his eyes finally opened, they revealed stunning gem-colored irises – one blue and one green.

Now healthy and thriving, Cotton has transformed into a sweet and loving companion. However, he is in need of a forever home. His adoption listing highlights his friendly nature towards people and his love for sitting beside them, purring nonstop. While he may not be as friendly with other cats, it appears that he isn't content being indoors alone. Cotton requires a home where he can have both indoor and outdoor access.

If you are interested in providing Cotton with his perfect forever home, Carmen Morales Weinberg can be contacted by email at [email protected]. Joe's compassionate act of reaching out for help and Carmen's dedication to fostering and nursing Cotton back to health have given him a second chance at life. Let's share this heartwarming story and help find Cotton the loving home he so deserves.

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