Tiny Dog Dumped In Landfill Reunites With Man Who Showed Him Kindness

Abandoned at a California landfill, a little black dog named Rosco learned to make it on his own. For over a year, the resilient pup found his own food — occasionally relying on the kindness of strangers who'd stop by the dump to feed him.

Many concerned passersby tried to catch Rosco to no avail. That was until the California rescue groups Bakersfield Strays and R.A.D. Rescue decided it was time to bring the elusive dog to safety.

Rescuers set up a trap near the landfill, then they waited. For days, Rosco peered at the trap from a careful distance, never daring to go inside. Eventually, the pup wandered in. The metal door swung shut, and he was safe at last. Safe with a dad who loves him so much, Rosco will never have to fend for himself again.