Chonky Cat Has Been Working On Her Fitness To Find Her Forever Home |

Snuggles, a beautiful tuxedo cat, has made her New Year's resolution early this year. She is determined to lose weight and find her forever home this holiday season. With the support of the RSPCA Middlesex North West and South Hertfordshire branch, Snuggles has been on a diet and exercise plan to achieve her goal.

When Snuggles initially arrived at the RSPCA branch, she weighed a whopping 7.01 kg (15.5 pounds). She was out of shape and was wary of people. The RSPCA staff recognized the importance of helping her get healthy for a permanent home. Through their efforts and Snuggles' tenacity, she has managed to shed off some weight and now weighs 11.7 pounds.

Obesity in cats can lead to various health issues such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease, liver disease, and heart failure. It not only affects their ability to stay active and groom themselves but also has a detrimental impact on their overall well-being. While chubby cats may be adorable, it is not healthy for them to be overly large.

To help Snuggles on her weight loss journey, the RSPCA staff put her on a reduced-portion diet and encouraged plenty of playtime and exercise. They believe that Snuggles, in her previous life, had led an indoor existence without much mental stimulation, which led her to overeat out of boredom.

Snuggles' efforts have paid off, and she is now at a much healthier weight of 5.31 kg. She is officially up for adoption, but there are certain requirements for her new home. Tracy Deamer, an animal welfare officer with the RSPCA, explains that Snuggles still has some weight to lose. Therefore, she is seeking a home with a garden where she can have access to exercise. Additionally, her new family should be committed to continuing her diet and ensuring she receives regular playtime and mental stimulation. Though Snuggles may sometimes exhibit grumpiness, she has the potential to thrive with the right adult-only family who has experience with cats and patience.

By sharing Snuggles' story, the RSPCA hopes to find a loving and understanding forever home for her. Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging for cats, but with the right environment and care, Snuggles can live a happy and fulfilled life. If you are interested in giving Snuggles a forever home, and are willing to provide her with the love, support, and attention she needs, please reach out to the RSPCA Middlesex North West and South Hertfordshire branch.

Snuggles teaches us that with determination, support, and a little extra effort, we can all achieve our goals and find a place where we truly belong.

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