Sofie's Sweet Heart Saved Her Life And Now They're Performing at Crufts Together Happily!

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A woman  is now performing with her four-legged companion at  this weekend.

Following a motorbike crash, Sofie Hawkins was left feeling suicidal –  but says her Chihuahua and Miniature Pinscher crossbreed, Harleigh, helped pull her through.

Sofie, 25, was knocked off her motorbike in August 2021 and left with several injuries, including broken ribs and a punctured lung.

She was also temporarily paralysed in her left arm for three months, so had to quit her job as a lorry driver. The 25-year-old was also forced to give up hobbies such as gymnastics, pole dancing and horse riding.

During this time, Sofie says she felt ‘very lonely and cut off’ from friends.

Having lost her brother Daniel, 21, to suicide in 2018, Sofie’s mental health started to spiral downhill to the point where she didn’t ‘want to be here anymore.’

It was at this point a psychologist recommended getting an emotional support dog.

So in November 2021, she took on puppy Harleigh – who attended all of her hospital, physio and counselling appointments during her recovery.

‘I initially went to look at a different puppy, but Harleigh wouldn’t leave me alone,’ she said.

‘She chose me and has been by my side ever since.’