Amazing Rescuer Saves Three Cat Families By Meowing To Them |

Title: Mona Boucher's Unique Approach to Saving Cats Captivates Hearts


In a heartwarming tale of feline rescue, Mona Boucher's unconventional methods have won the hearts of cat lovers worldwide. Facing a feral cat population crisis at a local fish farm, Boucher and her team at DrNworb's KitsCats were summoned to lend a helping hand. With determination and a secret weapon, Boucher managed to capture and save numerous cats and kittens, ensuring they have a chance at a better life.

Chapter 1: A Call for Help at the Fish Farm

When Boucher and her fellow rescuers arrived at the fish farm, they were met with an overwhelming number of cats in need. Three nursing mothers and 20 kittens of varying ages desperately required their assistance. The task at hand seemed insurmountable, but Boucher's unique approach proved to be the key to success.

Chapter 2: The Power of the Meow

Standing at the perimeter fence, Boucher embarked on an extraordinary feat. She began to mimic meowing sounds, captivating the attention of the kittens. Interestingly, they responded immediately, approaching the fence. Seizing this opportunity, Boucher and her team carefully picked them up through a hole in the fence, saving them from the farm's dire circumstances.

Chapter 3: Persuasive Meows and Gentle Trapping

While the 5-week-old kittens were easily swayed by Boucher's realistic meows, older cats and wiser kittens were more cautious. Nevertheless, the team remained determined. They used gentle trapping methods to ensure the safety of these cats, eventually bringing them back to the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association. There, they would have a chance to find their forever homes.

Chapter 4: A New Beginning

Under the care of dedicated foster families, the rescued cats and kittens began to experience the love and affection they had been missing. Human companionship quickly became a source of joy for these once-feral creatures. The foster homes provided them with warmth, cuddles, and attention, slowly preparing them for their future journey towards adoption.


Mona Boucher's unwavering dedication and her innovative approach to rescuing cats have touched the hearts of many. Her collaboration with DrNworb's KitsCats in saving the feral cat population at the fish farm is truly commendable. By demonstrating the power of patience, compassion, and understanding, these rescued cats and kittens have been given a new lease on life. With newfound hope, we anticipate that they will soon find loving forever homes. The world owes a debt of gratitude to Mona Boucher and DrNworb's KitsCats for their extraordinary efforts in rescuing these feline families.

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