9 Things You Know To Be True If Your Chihuahua Runs Your Life

1. This is your sleeping situation:

You're fine with it as long as you don't think about how your bed buddy totally walks around outside without any shoes on.

2.  Breakfast  is served promptly at 7 a.m.

3. Your dog gets a little piece of whatever you're eating.

4. Working from home looks like this:

5. If you have a free hand, and it's not petting your dog, you are in trouble.

6- When they misbehave and you have to reprimand them, you feel so bad about it that you have to sit down in the bathroom and collect yourself after.

7-When you have to go out of town and leave them behind, they give you this face.

8-Your dog has a special spot on the couch.

9. And you know Bath Day means turning your home into a one-stop doggie spa.

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