'Uncle' Luke Bryan plans to turn Katy Perry's daughter into a 'country girl'

Luke Bryan expressed his excitement about Katy Perry becoming a part of the "American Idol" family and mentioned that it would be a reason for him to become her newborn daughter's favorite uncle, even though they are not related by blood. During an interview with "Entertainment Tonight" on Tuesday, the country singer shared his plan to make sure that little Daisy Dove develops a love for the countryside. Bryan mentioned that he has prepared multiple gifts for the child, which come in large packages and boxes. He playfully urged Perry to be prepared for what's to come. In addition, he assured her that he has everything she needs to raise Daisy as a country girl and an outdoor enthusiast.

Confident in his ability to convert Daisy to his ways, Bryan dubbed himself as "Uncle Luke" and stated that he had everything under control. Although he hasn't met the newborn in person yet, Perry virtually shared a few photos of Daisy with him. Bryan relayed his excitement about seeing the baby in person and revealed that he expects Perry to bring her to the "American Idol" set soon. Bryan also confirmed that all the judges, including himself, will be present together when the show returns. He described the judges as one big, happy, and slightly crazy family, causing Lionel Richie to feel anxious.

In conclusion, Luke Bryan is thrilled about Katy Perry joining the "American Idol" family, and he is determined to become Daisy Dove's favorite uncle. He has prepared a variety of gifts for the newborn and believes that he has everything she needs to become a country girl. Bryan is eager to meet the baby in person and is confident that Perry will bring Daisy to the "American Idol" set soon.

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