Have you ever noticed that most pure white cats with blue eyes can’t hear?

It is interesting to note that white cats are a minority among many cat breeds, as the color white holds a unique status for felines.

In fact, only 5% of the entire cat population is pure white. Now, one might wonder if Maine cats can be white. The answer to this query is affirmative.

While the majority of cats, constituting 95%, do not possess pure white fur, it is only the white cats that occasionally suffer from congenital hearing loss.

Among the white cats, around 15-40% of them possess one or two blue eyes. Interestingly, 60-80% of these blue-eyed white cats experience deafness, while the remaining 20-40% possess normal hearing capabilities.

Furthermore, approximately 30-40% of blue-eyed cats exhibit unilateral hearing loss, while 60-70% of them have normal ears shaped like the famous "Steamed cat-ear shaped bread".

In addition to their white fur, these cats are often seen with other colors such as orange or green. The percentage of inaudible ears among these cat breeds ranges from 10-20%.

To put things into perspective, cats with one or two blue eyes and hearing impairments only account for a mere 0.25-1.5% of the overall feline population. Pure white blue eyed cats, on the other hand, make up around 0.75-2.0% of the total cat population.

Thus, it is evident that not all white cats with blue eyes are necessarily deaf.

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