Ragdoll cat shocks owner with late night request: "Waiting for this moment"

Two delightful cats have captured the hearts of internet users after their owner shared their unique request in a video that quickly spread across social media platforms. The video, posted on TikTok in February by the username thelexibunch, showcases Tink and Leo, the two felines, approaching their owner every day, requesting to be taken on a late-night stroll while on a leash. The adorable clip depicts the cats meowing and guiding their owner down the stairs and to the front door, clearly indicating their desire for a walk. In the comments, the owner mentioned, "He was waiting for this moment (referring to the ragdoll cat).

" The images showcase Tink the ragdoll on the right and Leo the Maine coon, the two cats who have captured the hearts of viewers online. Leo, the white cat, is a 2-year-old ragdoll, while the gray cat Tink is an 8-month-old Maine coon kitten, as confirmed by the owner to Newsweek. Leo has always been fascinated by the outdoors, so the owner began putting a harness on him and taking him outside when he was a kitten. Leo now eagerly awaits the opportunity to explore outside and will meow at the door to signal his desire to go out. He particularly enjoys climbing trees, one of his favorite activities.
Tink, on the other hand, is still somewhat hesitant about spending time outside but is gradually becoming acclimated to it at a young age thanks to Leo's influence. The owner often takes Tink out in a stroller, where she observes Leo running around and eventually becomes intrigued, wanting to join in the walk. With the encouragement of her big brother, Tink has also developed a love for climbing trees. For indoor cats that require more physical activity, taking them out for walks on a leash can be beneficial. However, it's crucial to remember that not all cats will be receptive to this activity, and forcing them is not advisable.
Before embarking on an outdoor walk with your feline friend, make sure the harness is secure and comfortable for them. Dr. Christian Broadhurst, a senior veterinarian at the non-profit clinic Clay Humane in Orange Park, Florida, recommends using a harness instead of just attaching a leash to the cat's collar. A harness is safer in situations where the cat may become entangled while climbing a tree. The video of Tink and Leo's nightly walk quickly gained popularity on social media, attracting a large audience on TikTok. With over 740,800 views and 142,600 likes on the platform, the video has resonated with viewers.
One user, peeki, amusingly remarked, "I think your cat took u for a walk." Another user named Ann added, "He straight up did a zoomies the moment he walked through the door." If you have heartwarming and amusing videos or photos of your beloved pet that you'd like to share, feel free to send them to [email protected] along with some details about your furry companion for a chance to be featured in our Pet of the Week segment.

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