Katt Williams Throws Kevin Hart Off Balance: Kev's Unraveled on Live TV


Comedian Katt Williams has seemingly upset fellow comedian Kevin Hart, leading to a heated exchange between the two on national television. The incident occurred during an interview where Katt Williams made some derogatory comments about Hart's success and personal life, causing Hart to lose his temper.

The tension between the comedians began when Williams mocked Hart's financial success, claiming that he sold out arenas while Hart only performed in clubs. He further belittled Hart by questioning his authenticity and stating that he doesn't think Hart is genuinely funny. Williams also took a dig at Hart's recent cheating scandal, insinuating that it affected his credibility as a comedian.


Hart, visibly upset by the comments, fired back at Williams, defending his own achievements and questioning Williams' relevance in the industry. He reminded Williams that he had been in the comedy game for over a decade and has achieved widespread recognition and success. Hart vehemently expressed his frustration, insisting that he doesn't need validation from anyone, including Williams.

The interview quickly turned into a heated argument between the two comedians, with both individuals attempting to defend their positions. Despite the tension, the host of the show tried to diffuse the situation, reminding the comedians that they are both talented individuals who have made significant contributions to the world of comedy.

This exchange between Katt Williams and Kevin Hart has left viewers surprised and interested in the ongoing feud between the two comedians. Only time will tell if they can put aside their differences and find common ground in the future.


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