Rihanna playfully taps ASAP Rocky for being too charming while joking around


In a recent incident, Rihanna playfully slapped rapper ASAP Rocky for being cheeky. The incident took place as the two artists were joking around during an interview. The context of the situation was lighthearted, and Rihanna's action was in good fun. The pair have had a long-standing friendship and have collaborated on numerous projects together.

During the interview, ASAP Rocky made a comment that Rihanna found amusingly cheeky. In response, she playfully slapped him on the arm, showcasing their friendly banter. The video of this incident quickly went viral and caught the attention of fans worldwide.


The incident only reinforced the existing bond between the two music icons. They have, on multiple occasions, expressed their admiration and respect for each other's talents. Rihanna and ASAP Rocky's friendship extends beyond their creative work, and they have often been spotted together outside of the music industry.

The incident also sparked admiration from fans who found the interaction adorable. Many took to social media to express their enjoyment of the playful moment between the famous artists. Rihanna's actions were widely seen as a testament to her fun-loving and carefree nature.

In conclusion, Rihanna slapping ASAP Rocky during an interview was a playful moment between friends. The incident showcased the strong bond they share and added to their already successful collaborations. Fans have been delighted by their lighthearted interaction, further solidifying Rihanna's image as a free-spirited and joyful individual.


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