Rihanna's Revelation: She Chooses Mom and Dad as Permanent Guardians for Her Kids


Rihanna recently shared the reason behind her decision to have her children stay with her parents moving forward. The famous singer and entrepreneur opened up about her choice, explaining that she wants to ensure her kids have a stable and loving environment while she continues to focus on her career.

Rihanna, whose real name is Robyn Fenty, spoke about her career demands and the constant travel that it entails. She emphasized the importance of stability and consistency in her children's upbringing, especially during such formative years. This led her to the decision of having her mom and dad take over primary caretaking responsibilities for her kids.


The article highlights Rihanna's immense success in the music industry and her thriving businesses, which require her to frequently travel for work commitments. Being a single mother, she believes it is crucial to provide her children with a stable household, where they can have routine and a strong support system.

Rihanna's decision to entrust her parents with the care of her children is a testament to her dedication as a mother. She wants her kids to have a normal childhood and to be surrounded by love and attention from their grandparents. By having her parents involved in their upbringing, Rihanna can focus on her career while ensuring her children's happiness and wellbeing.

In conclusion, Rihanna's recent revelation about her children staying with her mom and dad reflects her commitment to providing them with stability and love while she continues to pursue her successful career.


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