Angel The Adorable Puppy Found Tied Up In A Dog Food Bag With Wire And Dumped In A Bin Along With Sic Siblings Is Adopted By Her Rescuer

A helpless puppy with seven of its siblings was found abandoned inside a bag of dog food. The bags were tied up with wire and dumped in a bin, leaving the puppies in desperate need of help. Luckily, Nicole Olsen and Ella Harper heard the puppies' cries while driving through Murray, Australia.

Nicole decided to rescue the pups and called her family members to transport them to safety. Sadly, two of the puppies were too sick and did not survive. But the remaining six were nursed back to health and adopted. Nicole's family chose Angel, the only red and affectionate puppy, to take home with them. The incident was a clear example of animal cruelty and highlights the importance of adopting pets in need.