Animal Shelter Comes Clean About Super-Chonky Cat!


World, meet Biscuit — a sweet cat about whom there's more than little to love.

But Biscuit's big heart isn't the only thing about her that's oversized.

This week, staff at Idaho's West Valley Humane Society took to social media to make a sad announcement. Just a year after being adopted from the shelter, her family returned her — and in a less-than-ideal state.

Biscuit had been an overweight cat when she was adopted. And nothing at all had changed.

"We need to get real about Biscuit — she weighs just under 24 pounds, which is grossly obese for a cat," the shelter wrote. "It will shorten her life if she doesn't lose about half her body weight."

Now, Biscuit has a new home — and with any luck, she will soon be able to live life to her fullest. Anderson knows that, with the right encouragement, she has it in her to get where she needs to be.


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