Lisa Raye Opens Up About Will Smith Paying Duane Martin for Same-Sex Encounters


In this article, LisaRaye McCoy, an actress and former friend of Duane Martin, speaks out about rumors surrounding Will Smith's alleged payment to Martin for engaging in homosexual activities. McCoy clarifies that she has no direct knowledge of this situation but has heard the rumors circulating within the entertainment industry.

McCoy points out that she has been friends with Martin and his ex-wife, Tisha Campbell, for many years, and she does not want to believe these rumors. However, she acknowledges that in Hollywood, there are often hidden truths and secrets that emerge over time.

She emphasizes the importance of addressing these rumors because they can affect people's lives, careers, and families. McCoy encourages Martin and Smith to speak out and set the record straight if these allegations are false. She believes that those involved need to tell their own stories instead of allowing others to dictate their narratives.


Ultimately, McCoy hopes that these rumors are not true and that both Martin and Smith can address them openly. She underlines the significance of ending the speculation and ensuring that the truth is brought to light so that people's lives are not unjustly affected.

However, it is important to note that the article reaffirms that McCoy has no firsthand knowledge of the alleged events but rather aims to shed light on the rumors and advocate for truth and justice.


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