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There’s just something irresistibly cute about certain animals.

From the smallest to the largest, all of nature’s animals have something to offer to the environment.

Sometimes it can get easy to forget all of the different creatures out there simply because we live in our own habitats.

While this is for a reason, sometimes our worlds cross.

Unfortunately, these encounters don’t always go well.

For example, when poachers come across animals, it tends to be a deadly interaction.

But there are friendly interactions as well between species.

In some cases, animals wander into our world.

Sometimes they’re lost and other times, they’re just curious.


Suddenly, a woman appears on the other side of the pool. She slowly makes her way over to the koala. She moves with caution, doing her best not to startle it.

When she finally gets to it, she scoops up some water from the pool and extends her hand out to the koala.

The koala slowly moves towards her hand and takes a sip of water.

She cups more water into her hands and the koala drinks from them. Both seem comfortable with their roles during the interaction.

Shortly after, the woman gets out and she and the koala sit face-to-face.

Before we know it, the woman leans her face into the koala’s.


Instead of fleeing, the koala meets the woman halfway and their noses touch.

The woman even caresses the koala on its nose and its face.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem scared at all.

Neither does the woman who strokes its fur while it looks around.

Eventually, the koala wanders up the stairs and toward the house. The camera cuts off before we see what it does next.

Hopefully, it went up another tree and left the yard, unharmed.



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