'Chivalrous' N.Y.C. Subway Rat Caught on Camera Bringing a Donut to Rodent Friend

The only thing sweeter than a donut is … a rat bringing one to his rodent girlfriend.

In a viral shared by user @, a rat in a Manhattan subway station looks like he has a dessert date planned. 

The rodent at the start of the clip drags a glazed donut along the subway tracks, begging comparison to the famous of 2015. But this rat isn't hogging their treat. Later in the video, the rat runs with the donut in its mouth before another rat pops out, and then the two both grab the baked good and enjoy it together.

"Some of the men in this city need lessons in chivalry," wrote the video's poster, Carly Hittner, who shared the clip on TikTok on Wednesday, "Donut rat treats his woman better than half you other rats in this city."

Commenters agreed, like one user who wrote, "true breadwinner" and another who chimed in, "a high-value man." The official Tinder account even commented, "Now this is romance." As of Friday afternoon, the TikTok video had over 2.4 million views.

Pizza Rat went viral eight years ago when a N.Y.C. subway rider captured a video of a rodent carrying an entire slice of pizza down the stairs of a subway station and shared the clip on social media. Other animals have followed viral snacking suit, like a in 2020.

In that video — reminiscent of the  — shared on the Facebook page, a sizeable rat can be seen wiggling down the steps of a New York City subway station with a full McMuffin clenched in its jaws.

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