Meet Rex, The Handsome Handicapped Cat Who Spreads Love and Pawsitivity


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If you’re having a bad day, Rex is here to share some love and cheer!

This sweet 7-year-old rescue cat is spreading ‘pawsitivity’ with his heartwarming messages and adorable pictures.

Though Rex is now living a life full of love and affection, he was once a mistreated kitten living with  Team.

While under the care of  Team, Rex incurred a back injury that left his two back legs paralyzed.

Now this adorable tabby will never have to worry about being mistreated again!

He was adopted by us and has been living happily ever after.

Rex’s past is a testament to his strength and resilience.

Rex doesn’t even know he’s handicapped.

Instead, Rex does everything a “normal” cat does, including playing with his toys and zooming around his home at lightning speed.

There are a few things Rex needs a little help with, but that’s what mom is there for!

We help Rex use the bathroom and scratch some hard-to-reach places.

Rex and us share a special bond. They’re a true match made in heaven!

When we first adopted Rex, we had a custom wheelchair made for him.

However, Rex got around much more comfortably on his front legs and didn’t have much use for his wheelchair.

Like many other special needs animals, Rex is incredibly intelligent and adaptive.

He never lets his condition slow him down.

Fast forward 7 years and Rex is still making strides in his mobility without assistance from a wheelchair.

The two spend plenty of quality time together and document some of Rex’s most adorable moments.
It turns out that Rex has quite a knack for modeling!

He loves making expressive faces and showing off his stylish sweaters for the camera.

Rex is certainly a sight for sore eyes.

His wide eyes, ear tufts, puffy cheeks, and world-famous blips are only a few things that make this handsome tabby so striking!

The list goes on– words don’t do Rex’s charm and appeal enough justice.
You’ll just have to see the photos for yourself!

Thanks to his modeling career, Rex has captured hearts all over the planet.

As of the time this story is being written, Rex boasts a whopping 660,000 followers on Instagram.
He’s showing the world that a disability doesn’t mean inability!

Rex is a perfect advocate for rescue and special needs pet adoption.

All it takes is one look at this sweet boy and you’ll fall in love!

Want to see more of Rex? Follow him on the website and witness him in all his glory.