SO HAPPY! Family In Tears When They See Their Long-Lost Dog At The Shelter

When Juicee arrived at Austin Animal Center in June 2022, shelter staff and volunteers thought she was just another stray dog. She wasn't chipped and didn't have any identification tags, so she was held on a three-day stray hold and then made available for adoption.

After spending over 300 days at the shelter without any applications, Juicee's photo was shared on Austin Animal Center's Facebook page to help her find a potential family.

"Juicee was " Cler said about the reunion. "No hesitation or touch sensitivity with her family — she was all over them, and they were all over her."

At the reunion, Juicee's family was in disbelief. "They just couldn't believe it," Cler said. "They really thought she was dead. Lots of tears … They headed straight back to Miami with her."