Golden Retriever Waits Every Day For A Visit From His Favorite Wild Squirrel

When Judie Jacobs noticed her golden retriever, Murphy, hanging out by the back slider door more than usual, she started paying closer attention.

It turns out that Murphy was waiting patiently every day for the same red squirrel to come for a visit. Though she was cautious at first, Chippy, as Jacobs dubbed her, began bonding with Murphy more and more.

"Over time, the trust was built," Jacobs told The Dodo. "Chippy would actually come to the door and call for Murphy to come out. We thought it was really sweet, so we started to foster their friendship."

Jacobs said that she and Murphy began leaving the squirrel nuts, and Murphy understood exactly what Jacobs meant when she asked him, "Do you want to feed Chippy?"

"He walks right into the pantry and he sits and he waits, and we walk out," Jacobs said. "It became a really adorable routine for all of us." Murphy even began bringing Chippy his favorite ball and other prized possessions.