Jennifer Lawrence's Regret: Ignoring Adele's Advice for "Passengers" Film - Exclusive E! News


Jennifer Lawrence expressed her regret for not taking Adele's advice about the film Passengers. In an interview with Adam Sandler for Variety's "Actors on Actors" series, Lawrence admitted that she initially turned down the role in the movie due to her instincts, but later reconsidered after discussing it with Adele. Adele, who had read the script, advised Lawrence to take the role.

However, Lawrence admitted that she did not listen to Adele's advice and ended up regretting her decision. She explained that she struggled with the film's mortifying premise, in which her character wakes up from cryosleep on a spaceship with no recollection of how she got there.


Lawrence believes that if she had taken Adele's advice, she would have been able to handle the film better.

On the other hand, Lawrence acknowledged that she was grateful for the career-changing opportunities that the Hunger Games franchise and Winter's Bone provided her. She mentioned that these experiences helped shape her as an actor and opened new doors for her in the industry.

Overall, Jennifer Lawrence expressed regret for not following Adele's advice about Passengers. She realized that she should have trusted her instincts and listened to her friend's opinion. However, Lawrence acknowledged that her previous roles have been significant in her career and have led to exciting opportunities.


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