So Touching!!Dog Runs Away From New Family And Takes A 97-Day Trip On Her Own To Reunite With Her Foster Mom


Zelda is a sweet rescue pup who, after spending some time in a foster home, finally got her forever family.

After seven intense months, Zelda had gained enough confidence that she could be adopted into a forever family. Zelda’s new family lived 40 miles away, and Krueger drove her there herself. But even though Krueger has fostered approximately 40 pups, leaving Zelda with her new family proved to be incredibly painful. There was something about Zelda that made it very difficult for Krueger to let her go. She cried and cried on the drive over, but thought she was doing the right thing. She left Zelda with her new family, said goodbye, and drove back home. Now, Zelda found herself 40 miles away from her favourite person in the world, and she didn’t like it one bit. Zelda knew that no matter how nice they were, she couldn’t stay with her new family.


Krueger was heartbroken but refused to give up hope. Then, after being missing for two months, someone spotted Zelda in Minneapolis.When Krueger got word of this, everything became clear to her. Minneapolis was roughly halfway between Zelda’s new family’s home and the foster home.

Krueger realized that Zelda was making her way back to her. Two weeks later, a local couple contacted Krueger. Zelda’s new family decided that their home was not ideal for Zelda, and gave back custody of her to the rescue centre.

It took her 97 long days, but Zelda is finally where she’s supposed to be. With Krueger’s help, she’ll live a long happy life, and she’ll always feel safe and protected.


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