Jake Owen fiercely criticizes Jason Isbell for his controversial statements about Jason Aldean.


Country singer Jake Owen recently spoke out against fellow artist Jason Isbell over his remarks about Jason Aldean. In a recent interview, Isbell criticized Aldean for performing in front of a crowd at a concert where a mass shooting took place in Las Vegas in 2017. Isbell argued that it was not respectful to the victims and their families. However, Owen strongly disagreed with Isbell's viewpoint and took to Twitter to express his thoughts.

Owen expressed his support for Aldean and defended his decision to perform at the concert. He stated that Aldean was not aware of the tragedy that would occur and that it was unfair to blame him for the actions of the shooter. Owen highlighted the importance of unity and healing in the wake of such a horrific event.


While Owen acknowledged that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, he believed it was important to show support and compassion for Aldean during such a difficult time. He emphasized that Aldean had shown strength and resilience by continuing to perform despite the tragedy.

In his tweets, Owen also took a dig at Isbell, suggesting that he should focus on his own career rather than criticizing others. He argued that it was unnecessary and unhelpful to attack fellow artists, especially during a time when the country music community should be coming together.

Overall, Jake Owen strongly criticized Jason Isbell for his remarks regarding Jason Aldean's decision to perform at a concert after a mass shooting. Owen showed his support for Aldean and called for unity and compassion within the country music industry.


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