A Critic’s Review of Days of our Lives: Wish Lists and Guilty Pleasures


Soap Hub recently provided a review of the past week on the soap opera Days of our Lives. The writer expressed a torn opinion about the character Sloan Petersen, played by Jessica Serfaty. While enjoying the character's extreme situations and expressions, the writer dislikes Sloan's actions, such as teaming up with Melinda to steal Nicole's baby. They also want Sloan to reveal the truth to Nicole and Eric. However, the writer feels that the storyline involving Sloan and Eric is dragging and hopes for a faster pace.

The writer also shares their conflicting feelings about the character Xander Cook, portrayed by Paul Telfer. They enjoy his roguish ways and find his actor charming, but they are aware of the character's past crimes and are unsure if they want him to be redeemed. Despite this, they have recently started to support Xander's relationship with Sarah.


On their wish list for the show, the writer expresses a desire for the characters Lani and Eli to return for Johnny and Chanel's wedding. They believe it is important for Lani and Eli to be present for the wedding, as Paulina is dealing with her own crisis. They also hope that Lani is out of prison.

The writer speculates about a plan concocted by Ava and Harris to deal with a drug crisis. They believe that Ava has been wanting to tell Harris about the plan and has been protecting him. They express their dislike for Ava and Stefan kissing, but they are glad that Gabi is aware of their fake relationship.


The writer appreciates the show for progressing the storyline involving the Pawn, with John and Steve being affected in different ways. They also commend Maggie for wanting to support Brady and Theresa, but express their concern about her giving Konstantin the benefit of the doubt.

The writer expresses their curiosity about Jada's ex-husband and desires more information about their lives in Seattle. They also find it odd that Jada and Stephanie have yet to mention Everett in each other's presence.

Lastly, the writer finds it refreshing that characters such as Chad, Everett, Xander, and Leo can mostly get along despite their differences. They appreciate Chad acting more mature and moving on from Stephanie. They also mention a debate between Team Everett and Chad regarding protecting Stefan's interests.

The article concludes by mentioning that Days of our Lives airs on Peacock+ in the U.S. and The W Network or Global TV App in Canada. It also encourages soap fans to join the Facebook groups dedicated to different soap operas.


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