Adele Clarifies Pronunciation of Her Name, Straight from the Source | E! News


British singer Adele has clarified the pronunciation of her name, putting an end to the debate around it. The Grammy-winning artist has been called "Uh-dell" by many fans, but she has now revealed that the correct way to say her name is "Ah-dee-lee." Adele made the announcement during a concert in Australia, explaining that she wanted to set the record straight because she was tired of people saying her name wrong.

The mispronunciation of Adele's name has been a long-standing confusion among fans and even some media outlets. Many people have mistakenly called her "Uh-dell" instead of "Ah-dee-lee." Adele's clarification has now resolved the matter once and for all.


During her concert, Adele jokingly expressed her frustration with the mispronunciation, stating that if people can pronounce her last name correctly (A-d-k-i-n-s), they should also be able to say her first name right. She emphasized that it is not a difficult name to pronounce.

Adele's clarification has received widespread attention, with fans expressing surprise and amusement at the correct pronunciation. Social media has been abuzz with conversations about the singer's name revelation.

This revelation by Adele has not only put an end to the long-standing debate around her name but has also given fans a chance to finally say her name correctly. The correct pronunciation will now be firmly established, ensuring that everyone addresses the Grammy-winning artist by her chosen name, "Ah-dee-lee."


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