Zendaya pays heartfelt tribute to Euphoria co-star Angus Cloud with Oakland mural: ‘No love fades’!


paid a moving tribute to her late co-star . The actress penned a heartfelt note on her Instagram caption with the pic of the mural. The duo had shared screen together in the hit Euphoria. The tribute is a testament of the bond they shared together both on-screen and off-screen.

Zendaya’s heartfelt tribute to Angus Cloud

Zendaya took to Instagram to show her followers a stunning mural that can be found on the streets of , Cloud's hometown. The mural, lovingly crafted by Cloud's friends, gives his essence. With his first name, Angus, written beside the artwork, the mural depicts the impact he left with his work. Beside the mural, the graffiti says "No love fades" it speaks that memories will always remain vivid, even in the absence of the ones we love.


Besides the graffiti, Zendaya took to Instagram to share her feelings, saying, "Words are not enough to describe the infinite beauty that is Angus (Conor)." She recalled their friendship fondly, recalling his warm eyes, infectious laughter, and the way he effortlessly lit up any room he entered.

"His work in 'Euphoria' became a lightning rod for his generation," she continued, emphasizing his influence on opening up dialogues about loyalty, compassion, acceptance, and love.

For the unversed, Zendaya and Angus Cloud shared a remarkable bond that extended beyond their on-screen bond in the hit series Euphoria. They were a living example of the kind of genuine bonds that can form in the entertainment industry. Zendaya and Cloud were the perfect example of what it means to be friends through their shared experiences, which included joy, adversity, and countless moments of friendship


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