Giant 33-Pound Shelter Cat Findss Best Family T Love Him.

Mike Wilson and Megan Hanneman fell in love with an enormous cat named Bronson at the Humane Society of West Michigan. Despite weighing 33 pounds, they couldn't resist adopting him. Bronson had come to the shelter after his owner passed away and had gained weight due to overeating or receiving table scraps. Wilson and Hanneman were determined to help him lose weight and provide a loving home.

Bronson proved to be affectionate and gradually became more social with their other cats. They took on the challenge of helping him slim down through diet and exercise. They also hoped to introduce him to their wall-mounted furniture designed for indoor cats once he became more active.

Bronson's weight loss journey has been successful so far, with improved muscle definition and mobility. Wilson and Hanneman envision a healthier future for him, including outdoor walks. Despite his size, Bronson remains cherished and adored by his family.

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