Malnourished Cat With Nasty Eye Infection Makes Amazing Transformation After Being Rescued



Meet Rex, The Handsome Handicapped Cat Who Spreads Love and Pawsitivity

It breaks our heart when animals are hurt or sick, especially when they are barely able to take care of themselves. Thankfully, there are still many people who are willing to save and help these poor animals.

Meet Sugarbug, a little Siamese cat who was rescued by  team. The sweet girl was in pretty bad shape when she was found. She was malnourished and with nasty eye infection. We quickly took the cat home and cared for her.


Sugarbug was not strong enough to eat by herself, so we had to use a small syringe to feed her. She also needed some medical treatment to treat her eyes and restore her health.  team tried her best to save the little baby.

After 3 days in the care of us, the cute girl started to gain her health and her weight. She was in a better mood and was able to eat by herself. She made an incredible recovery and an amazing transformation.


Although she is still on antibiotics and has discharge from her nose and eyes, she is doing well. She weighted only 181 grams when being rescued, but now she’s up to 340 grams.

She is going to get better and grow up into a beautiful and happy cat. Just looking at her now, she’s the sweetest little bundle of fluff we’ve ever seen! We are so happy she has a success story and a loving forever home.

Everyone deserves a chance. We should not hesitate to step in and help any living being in need. Thank you for saving and taking such good care of this poor kitten. We hope that there is a very special place in heaven for people like you!!


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