Five Stray Kittens Were Rescued Out Of The Rock and Now They Are In Safe



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One day, they rescued a family of kittens living inside a rock. A Samaritan man spotted them in his yard and he contacted Pawmeows for help.

Soon, JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick joined together on this mission. Arriving at the yard, we knew that all kittens needed their immediate actions to find good homes. Living outside made them a bit feral. The kittens were about to bite and scratch anyone trying to touch them. It was really hard to rescue them in such a tight space, so JoAnn and Katie had to be more creative. Finally, two little cats were taken out of the rock.


They thought that there were only two, but it turned out to have other two cats in the rock. Moreover, the Samaritan man told them that there was one more little black kitten left. Rescuers of  were surprised at the actual number of kittens in the rock, but soon they managed to get all of them out.

Then, the cats were taken to the hospital for a health checkup and bubble bath. Before leaving, Pawmeows team double-checked again to make sure there was no one left. Five little kittens are given their own names; they are Cactus, Aloe, Prickly Pear, Yucca and Agave. After the bath, the kittens felt safer and more comfortable. They looked so cute and adorable. Then, they enjoyed their meal with solid food, given by the 



Then, the kittens were nurtured. Three weeks later, JoAnn and Katie came to visit them. They looked bigger and healthier. But one of them was born with a heart defect. She needed a major surgery which might be complicated and expensive.

She needs your help to carry her own surgery. All donations, whether big or small, is much appreciated. They are also looking for someone to adopt Cactus, Aloe, Prickly Pear and Yucca. So, we want you to share this post to more people to help the kittens find good homes.


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