Cat Eagerly Wants to Be with New Kitten Who was Scooped Up from a Car Lot, They are the Cutest Thing

This is such a heartwarming story about a rescued kitten named Parker who found a loving home and friend in Phoebe, a resident calico cat. Parker was found alone in a car dealership lot and was incredibly underweight when she was taken in by Erica Whitsell, a veterinary technician and kitten rescue advocate. Despite her fragile state, Erica provided Parker with a warm and comfortable nest and started bottle-feeding her every couple of hours. As Parker grew stronger, Phoebe patiently waited outside her pen and watched her for hours until they were ready to have a meet-and-greet. From the very first time they met up close, Phoebe was gentle and caring toward Parker, helping her learn how to be a kitten and interact appropriately with other cats. Parker has hit many milestones with great care from her foster mom and lots of support from Phoebe, and has blossomed into a happy, playful kitty with a rotund belly. It's a beautiful reminder of the power of love and companionship, even between animals.